Always looking for new ways to be green.

Green Statement

We are reminded every day that our natural resources are not renewable and must be shared by all.  In order make a difference, it's up to everone to take responsibility for the footprint we leave, the resources we take. At Design Design we realize this is no small feat. Our choices reflect a greater responsibility to our world, and our customers, by not wasting or destroying our precious resources. We are committed to making better choices, and are constantly evolving our business practices to help our customers celebrate the moment responsibly – but never compromising safety, quality or extraordinary design.

Greeting Cards


Our primary supplier for uncoated paper is Mohawk Paper, a company that is committed to the highest possible standards regarding their impact on the environment and their responsibility as stewards of vast important resources. In addition to certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) that ensures the best sustainability practices at all stages of production, Mohawk is also Green-e certified for their use of wind-generated electricity. Verified Emissions Reduction credits (VERs) combined with wind power bolster their ongoing endeavor to eliminate their climate impact. All Mohawk post-consumer waste (pcw) fiber is process chlorine free, and all virgin fiber is elemental chlorine free. We are proud to be associated with this EPA Green Power Partner and member of the EPA’s Climate Leaders Program. Currently we are using uncoated paper that is 30% pcw, Green-e certified, and Green Seal certified. In an effort to reduce our use of virgin fiber and keep more post-consumer waste out of landfills, we are moving toward using uncoated paper that is 100% pcw and FSC certified in addition to being Green-e certified and Green Seal certified.


Our hot stamped materials are recyclable and biodegradable and compatible with the de-inking process used in recycling.


We buy our envelopes from a vendor that uses wind power and is FSC Certified, SFI Certified, and a member of the Chlorine- Free Products Association. The paper used to make our envelopes has 10-30% pcw and is 100% recyclable.

Green² Cards

Each card is made from recycled paper that is Green-e certified because it is produced using wind power and Green Seal certified for being manufactured in an environmentally responsible way, as well as process chlorine free and acid free.


Paper Napkins

Our napkin vendor seeks to protect the environment and its natural resources by using only chlorine-free bleached tissue produced in accordance with the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council. The food-safe inks used are solely of a water-based nature. All napkins are biodegradable and are packaged in a recyclable plastic sleeve.

Paper Plates

All of our paper plates are made of food-safe coated paper from a source that is SFI, ISO 14001, and PEFC certified, and they are printed with food-safe, water-based inks.

Shipping Boxes

Sustainability is not just fashionable; it’s the right thing to do. That’s why we use Green Bay Packaging for all our shipping supplies. For over 50 years they’ve been leading the environmental charge by developing 100% post-consumer recycled packing materials, and implementing responsible processes like zero discharge of waste water. Their business model for sustainability is based on three, mutually balancing pillars: Social, Environment and Economic, that lend themselves to long-term growth with a deep commitment to the management of natural resources. In 1991, they received a national Citation Award in the innovation category of the Environment and Conservation Challenge, sponsored by the Council of Environmental Quality. Since 1960, Green Bay Packaging has planted over 140 million trees in our nation’s forests, proving they are truly a steward of sustainable forestry – for what they take, they commit to replace.