Don Kallil cutting the ribbon of the permanent showroom.

Our Beginnings

The beginning of our company story starts with love. In the mid 1980’s, Don Kallil, our President and CEO, was living in Chicago and working as a stockbroker.  Jennifer, his future wife, was attending college in Michigan.  In order to stay connected during their long distance relationship, she would make cards and gifts to send to him.  Don loved them so much that when he was looking to start his own company he wanted Jennifer to make the cards to sell.   Even though she didn’t end up designing the cards, a greeting card company was born.  In 1986, Don left his job as a stockbroker to start Design Design.  In 1987 the first two card lines, consisting of 72 greeting cards, were printed and sold.

We got our name after Don and Jennifer considered almost 100 different ideas.  They knew the company needed a name that could easily be taken anywhere, something broad but still portrayed Don’s emphasis on design-driven products.  The first DESIGN in the name speaks to the trendy, artistic side of who we are. The second DESIGN reflects the precision and quality of our premium products that enhance the joyful celebrations of life and relationships between people.