Pumpkin Decorating
It's fall ya'll! That means time for festive activities. After our post about egg decorating our art department decided to get together to share ideas for pumpkin decorating.

Pumpkin decorating can be a fun alternative to the traditional mess of pumpkin carving. Bonus: most of these ideas only need a few materials to be made.

Stylish Pumpkins

An easy way to decorate a pumpkin is with some chalkboard paint. Let it dry after 24 hours and your can write anything you want on it with chalk! Bonus: You can change the calligraphy and reuse it as a decoration for thanksgiving.

Easy to do pumpkins

We have seen the ombre pattern trending everywhere this past year. How gorgeous is it on this pumpkin! To make an ombre pumpkin you'll need mod podge and 6 different types of glitter.

    1. Separate your pumpkin into 6 sections
    2. Place mod podge on the pumpkin in each section, we let our mod podge drip to create a more dripping effect
    3. Choose 6 different glitter colors and add to each section one at a time leaving a small space between each section
    4. Let glitter dry on the pumpkin for 24 hours
    5. Add mod podge to the blank spaces in between sections
    6. In between sections combine the glitter that is in both sections to create a gradient look. For example: in between the green and blue section, take the blue and green glitter and combine them to glue in between their sections
    7. Let pumpkin dry for 24 more hours

Fun pumpkins kids can do

Just like in the egg decorating post, we found use for so many of our products. This wrap and a little Mod Podge made for an adorable pumpkin.

Artist tip: Use small strips one at a time to avoid any air bubbles between your pumpkin and the wrapping paper. You can also use this technique with tissue paper or napkins!

Wrapping your pumpkin

Using mini pumpkins can be a really adorable and fun way to decorate. We turned ours into animals! The one on the right was named pug-kin.

Animal Pumpkins

Need an easy and creative idea? Just add washi tape to your pumpkin. They come in all different colors and patterns; your pumpkin will look perfect in half the time.

The art department and their pumpkins

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