Scented Candles

Design Design presents Essence—scents for your soul ™, capture the mood and enhance any moment with exquisitely blended scents. These 22 custom fragrances create ambiance for everyday life and special occasions alike—bringing the outdoors in, stimulating new culinary delights, and calling to mind favorite or far-away places. Crafted by master perfumers and infused with fresh florals, earthy woods, aromatic spices, and exotic oils from around the globe, our scented candles flood any room with reflections of your soul and evoke fond memories even while new ones are made. Available in four fragrance families: Fresh Blends, Garden Bloom, Artisan Medley & World Journey.

Our Candles

Crafted with the finest ingredients using world class processes, our candles deliver a full-bodied aromatic experience and a safe, clean, and long-lasting burn. Hand-poured by artisans in the USA, our candles are fashioned with 100% cotton, non-toxic wicks. Beautifully designed fragrances are meticulously mixed into an over 50% premium soy wax blend. Our scents are evenly dispersed throughout the entire pour of the candles. Three candle sizes will provide 20–80 hours of enjoyment.

Our Packaging

The bright colors and bold lines of our artfully-designed packaging echoes the unique hand-crafted personality of each candle. Based on the ancient tradition of Batik cloth dyeing, practiced for centuries in Indonesia, these designs showcase the intricate patterns left behind from layers of wax applied during fabric staining—much like the moments marked by Essence—scents for your soul ™.

Batik cloth dyeing

Fragrance Families

  • Fresh Blends

    Celebrate the good life with six restorative scents. Bright and uplifting, this contemporary category incorporates classic clean, cool aquatics with soft musk, and the zesty crispness of citrus fruits and green leaves. Scents include Basil Lime Mandarin, Luxe Linen, Cilantro Zest, Lemongrass, Ocean Mist, and Coconut Lime. To view all, click here.

    Scented Candles

  • Garden Bloom

    Delight in the garden path and the fresh cut arrangement with five fresh takes on blossoms. This timeless grouping weds epic single florals and enduring favorites with fruity highlights and powdery softness. Scents include Gardenia, Lilac, Tuberose & Lily, Pink Peony, and Jasmine Blossom. To view all, click here.

    Scented Candles

  • Artisan Medley

    Sample the joy of gathering together with six lusciously playful flavors. These enchanting concoctions brilliantly blend subtle florals with fruity desserts and effervescent drinks—amusing fusions of sweet, spice, and surprise. Scents include Peach Bellini, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Sweet Orange Chilli Pepper, Citrus Berry, Green Pear, and Apple Mimosa. To view all, click here.

    Scented Candles

  • World Journey

    Revel in self-discovery and adventure with five internationally inspired fragrances. Immersed in spice, these sophisticated and warm scents yield surprising accents from sweet vanilla to earthy musks, woods, leather and tobacco. Scents include Oud Mahogany, Sandalwood & Leather, Tobacco & Vanilla, Warm Amber, and Patchouli Clove & Musk. To view all, click here.

    Scented Candles

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