There's no one who deserves a celebration more than Mom. In honor of mothers- and all the special women in your life- host an outdoor garden party this Mother's Day.

Mother's Day Garden Party

Our colorful breeze collection will pair perfectly with any spring day. Match the painterly look with fresh flowers, tea and a rose bar for a unique and unforgettable get together.

Mother's Day Garden Party

Bring the floral pattern to life with edible flower ice cubes, a small detail that will wow any guest.

Mother's Day Garden Party


  • Edible Flowers - Make sure if you are serving them in any drinks that they are marked edible, you can find edible flowers in specialty grocery stores
  • Water (For ice that's especially clear, use distilled water that has been boiled and then cooled)
  • Ice Tray


  • Fill up the ice tray halfway with distilled water.
  • Add flowers face down and freeze.
  • Take ice tray out, fill the rest of the tray up with more distilled water and freeze again.

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